Smile Gallery

Rehabilitation with Dental Implants

Case Study #1

Chief Concern: Patient presents with esthetic concerns, severe decay, missing teeth resulting from medication related dry mouth and difficulty eating. Patient desires a cosmetic solution and to avoid a lower denture during the healing phase.



Treatment: Four implants on the upper retaining a patient removable denture and six implants retaining a doctor removable bridge.




Post Treatment

Case Study #2

Chief Concern: Having relocated from another city with an implant already in place, her chief concern was the esthetic restoration of the implant replacing her front tooth that was lost due to a traumatic injury.


Pre – Treatment

Treatment: Fabrication of a single anterior tooth to naturally blend with the color and contour of the adjacent teeth and soft tissue.


Post Treatment


Post Treatment

Case Study #3

Chief Concerns: Patient presents with missing, severely worn, decayed teeth, and the inability to eat properly. He was particularly concerned about the effects this would have on his general health. He did not want to wear anything removable.


Pre – Treatment

Treatment: Six implants in the upper jaw and six in the lower jaw supporting porcelain bridges. Provisional bridges were placed the day following surgery.


Post Treatment


Post Treatment

Treatment of Severely Worn Dentition

Case Study #4

Chief Concern: The patient was concerned about extreme wear on his front teeth.  He wanted to restore them to a more youthful look, while maintaining the small space between his central incisors.


Pre – Treatment

Treatment: The six front teeth were restored to normal form and function using bonded composite resin.  A nightguard was fabricated to prevent further wear.


Post Treatment

Cosmetic Enhancement with Porcelain Veneers

Case Study #5

Chief concern: The patient was unhappy with the appearance of her front teeth. There were old restorations that were discolored, fractured, and decay was present.


Pre – Treatment

Treatment: Restoration of the six upper front teeth with porcelain veneers.


Post Treatment

Orthodontics / Invisalign

Case Study #6

Chief Concern: Patient was unhappy with the large spaces between his teeth.



Treatment: In a little over a year the spaces were closed with Invislaign® and the teeth aligned ideally giving a symmetrical pleasing appearance.



Case Study #7

Chief Concern: Patient was unhappy with the crowding of the front teeth. He wanted them unraveled and leveled.


Treatment: Invisalign® offered the ideal solution. Without conventional braces potentially harming the teeth and impeding hygiene, we were able to easily straighten and align them. This case was treated in less then one year!